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We are House2Home Makers.

Our products are created keeping in mind the end consumers. Find out what you are looking for in our products catalogue. New creations make way to our catalogue very often.


Door mats

A great door mat is not just a utility of a home but also reflects the personality of its users. Our door mats are handy, easy to care and very durable for years of usage

110 - #00110c1s1_9O-POAW-1L95 (9).jpg

Yoga Mats

All in all, yoga mats have become the necessity to avoid fatalities while performing yoga. You definitely do need a stable mat-like material that will help you with your exercises. Yoga is the modest and most peaceful form of exercise and its design, quality and style should reflect your soul.


Bedside Rugs

Bring in something new to your bedroom. Using beds accompanied with a bedside rug is most useful aspect of a room interior. Change the way your bedroom looks with a brand new bedside rug today.

86 - H2HRUG0086_C1_S1_M9-7R8B-DWX7 (2).jpg

Kids Rugs

Home floors are often playgrounds for all our kids. The best way to ad new elements and safe play area for the kids is a contemporary mat for them. Let them learn while they enjoy their new play area.

87 - HCOR0087_C4_S1_9F-INOO-3W3G (1).jpg

Kitchen Combo

Lets make our kitchens more interesting with combo units from H2H. Use the runner and door mat sizes to appropriately place them in the kitchen area or open balconies.


Large Area Rug

The living room rugs are often bigger decisions for each interior. With our collection of large area rugs, the choice becomes easier as we provide very subtle color combinations at very affordable prices.

99 - H2HRUG0099_C1_S1_QL-XSEO-V9WR.jpg

Bath Mats

Bath Mats are all in all a very utilitarian products and it must fit your requirements like great water absorbent, anti-skid, thick fabric, durable and most important appealing. Check this section now.

31 - HCOT0031_C9_S1_Placement.jpg

Small Area Rug

A quick meet over a coffee or a small gathering or just to sit in your open balcony; these small area rugs a best solution for the need. Quick to re-decorate and just inexpensive.


Help me decide

No sure what you are looking, for your beautiful home. No worries, leave it to us and we will help you expand your wings of creativity with what we offer here.


House2Home, Sitapur, U.P. - 261131 India
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