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House2Home Help

  • Is it a handmade or machine-made product?
    Yes, these are handmade products which are woven by skilled artisians on hand driven traditional looms.
  • What's better - Fringes or binding on the sides?
    Both fringes and binding are very durable and it depends on your usage & requirement. Fringes give more of a traditional, contemporary look to a rug and binding gives a clean look.
  • Will I get the same size and color product as shown here?
    Yes, you will be shipped same product as confirmed in your order. The size will be same as mentioned in the description. We only consider a 2 cm ∓ margin as it's a handloom product.
  • Is this product returnable?
    No. For more details on this, please refer to our "Returns & Exchange" policy.
  • Can it be machine washed? what about the color quality & fading?
    Our all products are machine washable, except for the large Area Rugs due to their size and Natural Jute. We recommend vacuum cleaning or frequent dusting only. All used colors are fastness tested and will not bleed in normal water. Color fading will only occur if washed in hot water or dried under direct sun
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